Collin County Assault Attorney

Plano or McKinney assault lawyer protecting your rights

Collin County assault lawyer Stephanie Hudson has a proven track record of defending individuals accused of every type of misdemeanor or felony assault crime, including:

  • Simple assault ― A person is reckless and knows the reckless behavior might bring harm to another, whether through actual physical harm or through threats of harm.
  • Domestic assault ― A person hurts a family member with the intent to do so.
  • Negligent assault ― A person acts without intent to purposely hurt another but does.
  • Felony assault ― A person causes serious injury to another using a weapon like a gun, a knife, a baseball bat, etc.
  • Aggravated assault ―  Although this is a less severe charge than felony assault, other factors such as sudden passion or a sudden fit of rage bring on and complicate the assault.
  • Sexual assault ― This category includes various types of non-consensual sexual contact, ranging from verbal or visual sexual attention such as public lewdness or indecent exposure to forcible sexual intercourse.

Providing the strategic guidance and representation you need

Whether you live in Plano or McKinney, Collin County assault attorney Stephanie Hudson’s experience as a former felony prosecutor helps her to build a compelling case on your behalf. Penalties for assault crimes can be severe, involving jail time, large fines, probation and a permanent criminal record.

From the moment your investigation begins, Stephanie Hudson works to collect evidence against the prosecution’s case for your criminal defense. This includes physical evidence, witness testimony, medical report analysis or review of video evidence. The story of how the altercation started can also be a vital part of your defense.

When you face accusations that you committed an assault crime

If you are arrested in Plano or McKinney, Collin County assault lawyer Stephanie Hudson can assess your options and tell you what she can do to help. To schedule a free and confidential appointment with a Plano criminal defense attorney, call Stephanie Hudson, PLLC Attorney at Law at 469-343-1877 or contact the firm online. Affordable payment plans are offered.